Don't see red this heating season...see green

~  Serving The Alternate Energy Needs Of The Hudson Valley & Catskills  ~

  About Us
For years Bob Poremba and his son Jeff had been heating their homes with wood and pellet stoves.  During the pellet shortage in 2005, they felt there was a need for additional sales outlets for pellet and other green heat resources.   In August 2006, they opened Green Heat at 3815 Main St. in Stone Ridge, NY.  Not only do they offer Pellet and Wood Stoves, but also Fireplaces and Fireplace inserts, as well as top-quality pellets.

Bob and Jeff give that old-fashioned personalized attention to their customers, often on a first name basis.  They feel that in addition to being informative before, during and after the sale, service is the solid foundation to a good business.  They're factory trained on their products.

Green Heat is a member of the Northeast Hearth, Patio & Barbeque Association and they're fully insured. The store has a number of Wood, Pellet, Biomass, & Gas stoves on display, as well as hearth accessories.

In keeping with the Green Heat name, They practice what they preach.  At Green Heat here's what they're doing to be as green as they can be.

   They start by heating the Store with wood and pellets.  They haven't had a oil delivery since they started the business over 10 yrs ago.
   Recycle all of their corrugated (cardboard), over a ton a year.
   Recycle all scrap metal, including old out-dated inefficient stoves
   Recycle all non-important office paper.
   Recycle all of our cans and bottles.
   Recycle all our printer ink cartridges
   Recycle most of packing materials used on new Stoves
   Recycle virtually 1000's of wood pallets used for wood pellets each year.  We found a manufacturer that reuses them for their shipments
   They carry these practices to their homes as well

After seeing the amount of recycling that just they do, it's unimaginable how much we could do to help our environment if we all recycled. 

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