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With today's hectic schedules many are looking to expand their work and hobbies into new and different spaces that can help inspire and rekindle their love of these activities.  Some of the best and sometimes existing ways to do this is to turn a barn, storage shed, or maybe a porch into a warm all-season Man Cave or She Shed.    These can make for great places to work or play.  This is a new wave that's catching on very well, especially in the rural areas around us.  We've helped everyone from weekenders to celebrities turn these spaces into hang outs, studios, and workshops.

The design centers around a good heat source, aka "The Spirit of Fire".  Many go old school, meaning a wood stove, which BTW has new school technology today with little to no smoke.   Others go for the simple to use gas stove or pellet stoves.  In any case, these places are transformed from forgotten, ho-hum to exciting and invigorating.

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Lopi Endeavor wood stove in new knotty pine porch Osburn 900 wood stove in new cabin on a natural bluestone pad
Lopi Endeavor
                  <5" from wall osburn 900

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