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flames BIO-FUEL LOGS & BRICKS (firewood alternative)

We now carry Excelsior Compressed Wood Logs & Bricks.
The Fuel Logs are about  3" x 12" long and weight approx. 2 lbs. each.  They're made from 100% wood. We offer them in sleeves of 4 logs or by the pallet (approx. 155 sleeves).

The Bricks are about 2" x 4" x 6" and weight approx. 2 lbs. each.  They're made from 100% wood. We offer them in sleeves of 9 bricks or by the pallet.

All sleeves are shrink wrapped for easy handling.  One pallet of Compressed Wood Logs or Bricks is comparable to more than one full cord of well seasoned hardwood, but takes up less space.  These logs & bricks have less than 10% moisture by weight.  In comparison, well seasoned firewood averages approx. 20%.  Moisture steals BTU's and adds unnecessary weight.   

    Highlights Include:     flames  Alternate Firewood for Camp Fires, Wood Stoves, Fireplaces, Fire Rings, Chimineas, or Fire pits.

    flames  All Natural, No Chemicals or Binders, 100% Environmentally Friendly Recycled Wood
flames  Safe for Catalytic Stoves     flames  One Pallet of Fuel Logs or Bricks is Roughly Equal to 10-12 Mature Trees

    flames  Easily Lights With Newspaper Or Lighter Block   Yes, you'll still need a match or lighter  :-)

    flames  Compressed Logs for Less Travel or Storage Space

    flames  No Bugs

    flames  Great For RV's And Campers     flames  Not Restricted by Local, State, or Federal Firewood Prohibitions concerning Foreign Insects      flames  Low Moisture Content, Less Than 10%  
    flames  Superior to Wax Logs, Which Can't Be Burned In Stoves and Contain Up To 60% Paraffin

    flames  Made In Ulster County, NY

For qualities of a ton or more, please call ahead.           

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