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Welcome to the sunny Northeast.   Although temps are high and oil is low, it's still appealing to visualize and feel the spirit of fire.  We have a full selection of gas, wood and pellet stoves, as well as fireplaces and fireplace inserts. No one knows what Mother Nature has in mind for us this coming year, but we’re doing what we can to be ready.  Prices, tax credits, and availability are favorable to you this time of year and you'll be able to feel that spirit of fire now.  Come in and see what we have for you.  We offer free consultation
and a wide variety of options.

Thank you for your patronage or interest.   We look forward to serving you this coming year.

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                                                       Jeff, Bob, Bernadette, & Casie

"Most wood-burning stoves in the U.S. are woefully outdated. Of the roughly 10 million wood stoves in use today, between 70 and 80 percent are older, dirtier, and less efficient than those currently approved for use by the Environmental Protection Agency. EPA-certified units are up to 50 percent more efficient than a typical 30-year-old clunker. That means they're not only cleaner but also far chea
per to operate in the long run. 

If you heat your home with an outdated wood stove, now is a good time to upgrade."

                                               -  Popular Mechanics Aug. 2013

If you don't have a stove today, you have little control over what will effect your future energy cost.  We can help by offering you alternate heating solutions to save you money.  Our wood, pellet, and gas stoves can save you money for years to co
me.  American made Travis Industries wood, pellet, and gas stoves, inserts and fireplaces are the perfect way to save on your future energy bills. Travis manufactures three popular lines: Lopi, Avalon, and FireplaceX. 

These wood, pellet & gas stoves and fireplaces offer a beautiful setting to any room in your home.  We have fireplaces, fireplace inserts for your existing fireplace, and free standing units for virtually any room.  There's even wall units that go great in a kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom.  We also carry other product lines like Osburn from Quebec, Canada, as well as Ravelli from Italy.

We're a family owned and operated business.  We specialize in some of the finest Wood, Pellet, and Gas Stoves/Fireplaces on the market today.  We're factory trained on our products and offer a complete range of services from pre-sale education to expert installation and service.  We also carry some of the best wood pellet fuel you can buy.  In addition, we offer bio-brick fuel for your wood stove or fireplace.

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